Hi there! My name is Christina, I always loved photography but now I want to expand my portfolio. I've always admired concert photographers and I hope to be able to cover multiple shows even if I don't know the artist. Discovering new artists and genres I've never heard before is a unique experience I enjoy! ​​​​​​​
Hola! Me llamo Christina y siempre me ha gustado fotografía. Cada vez que voy a un concierto, siempre vi los fotógrafos y dije un día voy a ser como ellos. El año pasado empece mi meta de cuales conciertos quisiera conseguir para tomarles fotos. Me encanta conocer nuevas artistas y diferentes tipos de música. Me encanta la energía que esta alrededor de cada concierto y siempre hago nuevos amigos.
I was born and raised in Southern California and am currently a sociology major at Arizona State University with a minor in Spanish. 
Although sociology is about society and its actions, I am also very social and outgoing. I believe this is a huge strength of mine especially going into the music industry. Here's to many opportunities!
- Christina Hernandez

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